Every business, large or small, has a story to tell and stories involve changes. Change is essentially the variety of life and life in business is no exception. However, the speed at which these changes are occurring has clearly accelerated since the spring of 2020.
Solutions Prompteur has never had to adapt so quickly to the new format of presenting events since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Being a prompter operator – knowing to adapt and innovate

One of the qualities and skills of a prompter operator is his/her capability to follow and react to the speed of the orator, but we would also add to that list of the essentials of a prompter’s job is the importance of being able to simply OBSERVE:

  • Observe and anticipate the layout that will best suit the screen and make the reading of a message more natural and dynamic,
  • Observe how the client wishes to deliver the speech in order to ensure the best impact for the audience,
  • Observe, finally, all the changes necessary to best meet requirements.

According to our clients, integrating and adapting to change is something we do pretty well! 

It’s really part of our everyday remit to deliver the best prompting experience.

2021 always listening to your needs and adapting

And since we have this blog that brings us closer, and allows us to communicate better with you, we wanted to present you our best wishes for this new year, but not in the traditional way.

So we’ve decided to look back at the year that was, from the observations of our prompter operators. And the changes we successfully put in place against a backdrop of a very challenging year and of course to indicate our projections in how we see the continuation of change right into 2021.


So guys, how was 2020 for you and what’s your feeling for 2021?


In my opinion, the job remained the same, but what struck me is that the environment changed as a result of this crisis. The events part of our business is no longer done in public but in streaming.

La partie événementielle de notre métier ne se fait plus en public mais principalement en streaming. 

The advantage is that in this format we are much closer to the other technicians and to the client, who is more attentive to us and also much more available, which in the end makes our job easier!

Whether in a room with an audience or in streaming, I hope that 2021 will be as jam packed with events as it was at the end of the year 2020.  PIERRICK


Indeed this year is the most special year we know! We are lucky that we have had more work, which is, in the current context, rather unexpected!

And the second chance is to be able to work face-to-face! To have real human contact!

All the services were done behind closed doors in a rather serene atmosphere!  Sometimes we were in contact with the whole world, connected either by Zoom or by Skype in virtual reality!

For example, I remember my live performance with astronaut Thomas Pesquet or with the explorer Jean-Louis Etienne…

Happy New Year All! DELPHINE


These last 2 months have been very intense, with a lot of good meetings, both with the clients and the technical teams with whom I shared several days of shooting.

It requires a lot of organization, rigor and precision because we all know that this work is not just about scrolling through a text. The preparation, the detail, the trust in us placed by our client speakers, the discretion, but also good stories like with French politician M. François Bayrou who greeted me with a “handshake” after his speech!

Super motivated for the future!  OLIVIER


Arrived in August 2020, I was directly put in the bath of the growing activity of SP!

Service on service, preparation and participation in the Heavent Cannes exhibition, travel etc… 

Then came the time to develop the customer relationship and the big missions that this implies:

All this contributes to a work that takes a lot of energy and little monotony.

Moreover, the arrival of new colleagues has brought a sense of re-energized spirit to the team and to the opportunity to meet new people, how wonderful these moments are!” MATTÉO


Over my two years’ experience as part of the SP team I have seen a great deal of change, it’s not just an impression I get that every prompting mission is different, it’s a reality on the ground; we could work for the same client at different dates, having several speakers, each one with their preferences to be prompted, and every time would be different.

The changes that we have seen in the way we work have also been positive for clients. I recall the feedback from one prestigious client based in Paris declaring how being prompted and having his speech streamed across the world gives him an added dynamic to instantly communicate with colleagues, partners and others in a real and efficient way.

I’m delighted to be part of this dynamic and to work with such a close and hard-working team!  PETER

Despite the current context, SP accompanies you, anticipates and always adapts to your needs! 


2020 has been a surprising year, to say the least…

Of course we have all been confronted with fear, in our personal life, but also in our professional life and especially in the corporate world.

I quickly understood that if we wanted to survive this crisis, it was urgent to be able to adapt.

Once this key question was asked: “why continue our activity despite this great uncertainty”, the answer guided me and encouraged me to look for concrete ways forward. Then, accompanied by my team, we took up the challenges together.

Within a short time, we invested in new camera prompters – 19 and 21 inch – which could offer clients new streaming filming possibilities, their new way of communicating allowing them to address the whole world simultaneously.

Another important challenge in 2020, was our very first participation at the prestigious Heavent exhibition in Cannes in September 2020. Visitors from all over the world marveled at the technological possibilities that Solutions Prompteur had to offer, particularly with the launch of its very first wireless remote prompter, capable of adapting to small and large screens and offering speakers the luxury of mobility and the comfort of wireless broadcasting on several screens.

But to come back to the question of what has driven us to continue, to innovate, to re-invent ourselves in 2020: the answer is the Human being.

The human factor is at the heart of our activity, of our relationships, at the heart of the relationship with our operators, who do much more than just “deliver a text according to the rate of speech”, because their support and professionalism make the difference.

It is the human factor that ensures that, despite the difficulties and the unforeseen, any disaster can be transformed into an opportunity for development that benefits everyone.

So for 2021, my dearest wish is that all of us together, within our team and our collaborations, can contribute to making our world safer, and thus be able to travel in 2021 with confidence, serenity, and good health, without forgetting the realization of the projects that carry us forward, whether on a personal or professional level.

So, take care of yourself and see you soon for a new prompting mission.