Speaker coaching

A teleprompter support service you won’t find anywhere else to ensure your speech is a success

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Get the most of your prompter, gain confidence and speech spontaneity to increase reach.

Why be coached?

  • Work on body positioning to be more comfortable and natural
  • Maximize the power of the message being delivered
  • Be on a par with your message
  • Leverage the scope of emotions in line with the words used
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Lucia Arribas guides and individually accompanies your speakers so that they can be natural, and even spontaneous, despite using a prompter.

Her coaching takes into account intricacies of using this system.

Thanks to this tailor-made service the speaker feels more confident and delivers a successful speech by better reaching to everyone in the audience.

A successful speech, an audience captivated by the energy transmitted by the speaker..

By staying natural, while focusing on important topics to be addressed, all of this may be learned and worked on.

Telephone appointment a few days before to prepare for our service

Arrival at the coaching venue on D- day

Setting up of the selected prompter device

Getting to know one another, briefing & instructions to be given to the speaker

Prompter rehearsal with video recording

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