Back to school with Solutions Prompteur

Friday 24 September 2021
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Back to school with Solutions Prompteur

Something new in-house!

So here we are just after beginning September already can you believe and we at Solutions Prompteur are already quite busy. We’re working almost back-to-back prompting, taking us further afield.

The return of the conference teleprompter

You may have already seen from our social networks, our announcements of a clear return to face-to-face events and of course of the great comeback of our conference prompter (fixed or remote-controlled), you know the one synonymous at political party conferences or VIP events in large conference auditoriums!

We’ve hit the ground running at the end of August, facilitating speakers at REF21, a round-up of the year ahead organised by and for business leaders, entrepreneurs and their association in France known as MEDEF. The event, which was located in the prestigious Longchamp horse racing track, saw the placing of our remote-controlled conference teleprompter for delegate speakers over the two days and in front of an audience of over 3,000 people.


Our speaker loves the public and the assemblies...

Finally we were able to unpack our flagship prompter to an onsite public. The speakers were guaranteed the ease of eye focus, comfort at the podium and a perfectly synchronised dual prompter delivery in the side-by-side glass pane on stage.

Such is the current demand for the conference teleprompter, we are seeing a leap in client requests of over 5 requests in the last 10 days. What a difference a year makes!

Clients will be able to take the floor again for their general meetings, plenary sessions and any other major large-public event.

Remember our two systems can be adapted to any situation, but above all to the height of any speaker!  If your event is for one sole speaker, the best option for you is our fixed teleprompter, meaning that its height is adjusted manually. When placed on either side of the speaker, roughly 2 metres apart, and aligned to the height of the speaker, it stays in place and is perfect for allowing the orator to catch a gaze of the entire audience from left to right during the speech.

So as to ensure that our internal communication in our team is as seamless as the prompter services we guarantee our clients and we can take on this new added volume of work, we have set up an internal management tool.

This is a big welcome for the entire SP team, as the historic gives each member ample information of what the client expects on the day and all of this before the date itself. 

Solutions Prompteur - Prompteur conférencier télécommandé

Excellent follow-up, support that is just as good

As you can expect, anticipating plays a vital role for any prompter operator, so knowing as much as possible in terms of client expectations prior to a shoot seriously limits the stress on the day!

Having this fluidity and the saving of time are really crucial too before arriving at an event ; be it information on setting up or on the rehearsals, etc.

Solutions Prompteur - Président Obama - COP21

On the other hand if several speakers are planning to take to the lectern, then you need our remote-controlled teleprompter. It works in the same way as the fixed speaker, but with one difference: its pole height can be adjusted automatically. This means that the teleprompter operator does not have to move from his prompter position and physically go up on stage to manually adjust the pole height. 

The automated device never ceases to amaze the audience as it adapts to speaker heights or lowers automatically, a- wow effect loved by a certain Mr…. OBAMA 😉.

You can check out the full spec of our conference teleprompters, fixed or remote-controlled here and be sure to get in contact if you require further information or are planning your next « back to the old normal » conference event because we have the organisation, know-how and share the same thirst you have to make sure your speech is a success!