About Lucía Arribas

How I managed to eliminate error in prompting in France (and raised the profile of this profession in the eyes of the elite) thanks to a money-saving uncle...

Thanks to that and to a family secret.

I admit it: if I started prompting more than 20 years ago it was because it paid for my rent and my studies.

And that’s the truth.

At the time I was studying visual arts in Paris.

My passion was contemporary art, introspection, the subtle world... and it was precisely that what made the difference later on.

My uncle was a film and TV producer.

I had to eat and pay for my supplies.

So when he told me that he needed a prompter for his shoots and that he wanted me to learn how it worked, I said yes.

His little niece cost him a lot less than a technician… 😉

When I finished, the prompter rental company I had trained with started calling to offer me work.

More and more very important people began to place their trust in me. It was thanks to the prompter that I started to feel important too.

The telephone rang with prompter demands.
I didn't want to set up a company… but the phone just kept on ringing.

lucia-apropos-of-me V.EN

If Solutions Prompteur became a company, it was because I had become the most sought-after prompter operator in France… and I also became a Mum at the same time.

And the funny thing is that before I started training as a prompter operator, I couldn't have even imagined the depths of where this profession would take me.

I underestimated it.

Because, from the outside, it’s hard to realise what we’re really doing:

We accompany, guide and stimulate the memory of very important people...

These are often the world’s most influential...

...just at the moment they have something essential to say.

Of course you need technical skills, but you also need a strong human connection with the person reading the prompter if you want your message to have impact.

In this world full of invisible people, empathy is fundamental.

I had a certain advantage: I’m Argentinian, so you could say I’m empathetic almost by nature.

However, it wasn't empathy alone that enabled me to achieve a 0% error rate with my clients.

It was something less beautiful.

I’m talking about the fear of making a mistake.

That’s my personal story: for my father, it was terrible when I made a mistake. I was so afraid of making a mistake that I developed an infinite number of scenarios and strategies to make sure I never failed.

And this proved to be a real “superpower” with the prompter:

0% human failure.
0% IT failure.
0% logistical failure.

Because a mistake at this level goes beyond our imagination.

A mistake on my part could mislead my client, spoil his message and, in the worst case scenario, destabilise an entire country.

I’m not exaggerating here. It was also my company that accompanied the French Prime Minister’s live speeches throughout the Covid crisis.

A dubious gesture, erroneous information …

I won’t allow myself to go there.

That’s why the phone keeps ringing.

Today, I teach everything I've learned over 20 years to specialists who earn their living at the heart of the action, with total control over their work.

That will be my legacy in this industry:

Train technicians to a much higher standard than the current average, so that the prompter ceases to be the secret of the few and passes into the hands of the best..

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