Professional prompter sales with (or without) training

Large companies, institutions (or countries) looking for reliable teleprompter equipment they can use themselves...

Where can they find advice from experts rather than from salespeople?

I am Lucía Arribas, founder of Solutions Prompteur.

I’m sharing information to help communications managers choose a professional teleprompter solution that will work for them and that won’t break down at an important time..

This information is confidential.

I will provide details in short, direct emails that are very easy to understand.

There’s no waffle. This advice comes directly from someone who has been designing prompter solutions for over 20 years, and who guarantees a 0% error rate to her own clients..

This information is not available anywhere else, and the only way to access it is to sign up here :

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I must stress one point:

I'm not here to discuss the cheapest option for tinkering. I'm only talking about options that are safe and perform well at a professional level, not at amateur level.

For enthusiasts, I suppose the best thing to do is to go and look on Amazon for a mass-produced prompter full of five-star reviews such as :

“I think it’s good stuff, it looks robust”

In my emails, however, I only talk to people who can’t afford to be ripped off, because it’s very clear to them that a live error compromises the confidence of their superiors.

I’m talking about airlines, banks, embassies, presidents, mayors, heads of state and so on….

People who value reliability above all else.

- The best machine on the market.

- The most powerful software.

- Availability in record time.

- The most direct instructions.

- The most appropriate operator training.

- The most responsive support.

In short, it’s not Zara.

It’s more like a made-to-measure suit by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

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* Subscribers will be given preference for enquiries and quotations.

I once saw a mistake that could well have cost the job of a concert manager for a very famous French singer.

It happened in Tel Aviv.

A well-known French singer was giving a concert there and his manager wanted me to take advantage of their own prompter solution.

I didn’t have all the information I needed, so I told him I’d bring my own equipment just in case.

” There’s no need, you’ll have everything you need on site.”

Of course, I didn’t believe him.

concert-solutions-prompteur-speaker V.EN

When I arrived on stage and saw the presidential “Obama” teleprompter, I immediately realised that the situation was worse than I had expected. A solution had to be found to save the concert (and the reputation of the person in charge: me).

I'm sharing this story with my subscribers (in three minutes) so that they know...

✔ The singer’s identity.

✔ How did I know that an Obama System (the authorities’ preferred option) was a mistake in this context. If you like this solution, you will understand straight off the limitation I’m talking about here.

✔ It also made no sense to use a camera prompter (the best choice for corporate communications).

✔ The solution I have developed for live performance to ensure that the singer never loses sight of the lyrics (no matter where he is on stage), considerably improving his experience.

If you are interested, please let me know where you want me to send you more information:

* Subscribers will be given preference for enquiries and quotations.

Anyway, if you think I could be anyone posing as an expert, I’ll reveal everything about it to you. Here’s what I did to become France’s most sought-after teleprompter operator.

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