International prompter solutions

Hire a prompter with operator anywhere in the world

We have become the market leader in France thanks to our turnkey prompter rental services and have gained international recognition.

We are responsible and mobile ready to go anywhere in the world

We can guarantee the success of your event anywhere in the world. We always manage our trips independently and from start to finish of our partnership we take care of everything: from logistics, delivery and equipment set up, to text formatting and scrolling.
Our technicians and equipment are always ready to travel with a valid passport and ATA carnet. What’s more, the advantage of being based in Paris is that we’re connected to every city in the world. This means we can respond immediately to any international request. We can be in France today, Morocco tomorrow, Austria the day after or anywhere else you ask.

We have travelled the world with our services. We’ve been to North America (United States), South America (Peru, Argentina), Europe (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Crete, Denmark, Netherlands, Scotland, Monaco, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Romania), Africa (Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, South Africa, Ile de la Reunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Algeria), Asia (China, Doha, Singapore, Russia, Armenia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar), Oceania (Australia).

Our teams are multicultural and multilingual

As well as being highly experienced technicians, our operators are fluent in several languages. We have operators who speak Japanese and Hebrew, Russian, German, Spanish, French, English, Ukrainian, Polish, etc.

We know how to handleemergencies and respond quickly

We have the largest prompter fleet in France and we have every conceivable prompter device. When a client asks for a prompter solution that doesn’t exist, we invent it.

We act quickly and are flexible when the job demands it. And, just as we do in France, we apply the same rigour and quality standards to the provision of our services abroad.