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I’m Lucía Arribas, and this is my proposal:

I make speeches given by some of the most influential people in the world (and the most demanding) more impactful with a 0% error rate.

This frees up time for event project managers, who can devote this time to concentrate on other tasks in the event, and gives them ease of mind in the knowledge that there will be no technical breakdowns with the prompter.

Apart from explaining how I achieved this 0% technical error rate…

With over 20 years of experience, I am sharing my tips I have
observed from some of the most sought-after project
managers I have worked with in France and around the world.

These details will help them avoid a host of coordination errors so that they can better control their events. This, inevitably, will boost their prestige.

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So how do you choose the safest and most suitable prompter solution for a speaker?

Let’s get to know one another in first name terms, because let’s face it, we’re probably working in the same circles.

Here, I could say things like “Contact us because whatever your project…” or “we have professional prompter solutions for all events…” or “turnkey solutions” …and that would be the truth.

But if I told you that, I wouldn’t be telling you very much.

Let’s be more concrete.

Would you prefer to know the limits of each type of prompter to best match your client’s demands…

…and to avoid making promises that could leave you in a sticky situation later on?

I admit it, I’m obsessed with technical mastery and anticipation.

If you’re interested too, then I’ve prepared a booklet that might interest you.

This booklet contains everything a project manager needs to know about the prompter (short and without technical jargon) and it’s called:

Increase your authority in front of your client
(in 5 minutes) and avoid the “No problem sir” syndrome

In concrete terms, I’m talking about…

✔ The question to ask an important client straight away when they ask you for an "Obama" conference glass pane prompter at the last minute.

The approximate time needed to set up each prompter.

✔ What few production managers know about the camera prompter, and what you should know if you want to shoot content with a moving camera. One project manager didn't know this, and it really embarrassed her on the day of the shoot…

✔ Two solutions that you can already propose to your client to make things easier when asked for a stage prompter.

✔ How the "No problem sir” syndrome can seriously jeopardize the success of an event.

✔ The only case where accepting a request for a wireless prompter (or a Steadycam) is suicide... and we know this because we invented the system.

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types of prompter?

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