Camera prompter with operator

The prompter that adapts to all types of cameras

What is it and how does it work ?

This type of prompter is particularly useful for recording a message in front of a camera. You can record your speaker and the people on the other side of the screen will have the impression that he is looking at them, when in fact he is reading from a prompter!

The camera prompter works with an inverted mirror system consisting of an LCD screen and a tilted mirror, which is positioned in front of the camera lens so that the presenter’s gaze is in line with the camera.

This prompter is fitted with an anti-reflective glass designed to make it easier to read. The text is displayed on the screen, so the speaker can speak with confidence while looking at the camera.

The camera prompter is operated by a technician who adjusts the text flow using a remote control with a thumbwheel so that it scrolls at the same speed as the speaker’s reading pace.

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When to use this type of prompter

The camera prompter is frequently used in the media and content industry: studio shoots, live broadcasts and interviews, location shoots, webinars, hybrid or phygital events (streamed but with face-to-face participants), and so on. It is also widely used by TV news presenters to read their texts fluently.

This type of prompter is also often chosen to broadcast messages of all kinds, whether they are for political, institutional, professional and administrative purposes (public speeches by senior civil servants, statements by executives, product launches, conventions and many others).

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A device that's mobile, flexible and quick to set up

The system stands out for its adaptability and flexibility: the device easily adjusts to all types of photo and video cameras (SLR, camcorders, PTZ, steadicam, turret cameras, [1] etc.) and can be mounted on different models of tripods or foot plates.
It’s particularly easy to set up as the whole system can be installed in around 20 minutes.

You can choose between different LCD monitor sizes, from 7 to 32 inches, depending on the distance between the speaker and the camera.

It is also possible to order a wireless option for the camera and steadicam prompter, as this system can be combined with different types of portable devices* (tablet, smartphone, laptop).
*Provided by Solutions Prompteur.

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Technical specifications :

  • Screen sizes : 7, 11, 13, 15, 17, 21, 24 and 32 “.
  • Reading distance : From 1 to 20 metres.
  • Connectors : SDI, HDMI, VGA, BNC and wireless.
  • Manufacturer : Hardware Portaprompt and software Autocue and Autoscript

Should I choose a camera prompter for my project ?