Stage prompter

The most widely used prompter for concerts and live performances

What is it and how does it work ?

This prompter is particularly suitable for use on stage, as it allows the artist (or speaker) to move freely while performing.
It is for this reason that it is the choice of various artists like singers, actors, musicians, etc.

The system consists mainly of one (or more) modular LCD screen(s) that can be placed discreetly at the foot of the stage, on a stand or on the floor. The screens can also be set up at the back of the room to allow the artist to direct his or her gaze towards the audience.

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When to use a stage prompter

This prompter is an invaluable ally for concerts and live shows. However, it finds its place quite comfortably in other events thanks to its versatility, such as for conventions, press conferences, webcasts, seminars, etc.

The stage prompter is also noted for its practicality: it is easy to assemble and disassemble, adapts to different screen sizes (LCD or video projector) and is very versatile.

It is one of the quickest prompters to set up, just 15 to 30 minutes.

It can be combined with a projector as well as other wireless devices* such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop.
*Supplied by Solutions Prompteur.

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Prompter + Operator = Magic !

The stage prompter is operated by our team of specialised and experienced technicians, trained to give you the support you need throughout your speech. The operator will be at your side at all times, ensuring that the text scrolls in harmony with the music or the speaker’s rate of speech.

In times of stress, memory can fail. This type of prompter provides security for artists by allowing them to have a text to back up their songs and/or scripts. It is also a useful tool for speakers knowing that having such a prompter device means they don’t have to learn their texts off by heart and allows them to deliver their speeches with greater ease and confidence.

Technical specifications :

  • Screen sizes: 7, 11, 13, 15, 21, 23, 24, 32, 55 inches.
  • Playback distance: 1 to 50 metres.
  • Connections: SDI, HDMI, VGA, BNC and wireless.
  • Manufacturer: Hardware Portaprompt and software Autocue and Autoscript

Should I choose this stage prompter for my project ?