Coaching for speakers

Prompter training for speakers

What is coaching and what does is involve ?

Our speaker coaching service is a fundamental step for anyone wishing to use a prompter for the first time. This is pre-event training that will help you develop your speaking skills using a prompter.

Coaching services are done face-to-face or remotely (via Zoom). We organise personalised sessions for individuals or groups lasting around 30 to 40 minutes. However, we are flexible and adapt to your specific needs.

The number of sessions will depend on the speaker and their need for prior preparation. Sessions are planned well in advance of the event to avoid unnecessary stress for the speaker.

Development of key skills during coaching sessions

Our speaker prompter coaching sessions focus not only on the technical side of the prompter, but also on developing the skills that are essential for a successful presentation.

Through practical exercises you’ll learn to adapt your speed to the prompter and really connect with your audience. We’ll also work on reading fluency, clarity of speech, breathing, stress management, intonation, rhythm and body language.

Training provided by experts

The coach in charge of these sessions is Lucia Arribas, founder of Solutions Prompteur and a technical specialist in prompter technology for professional use. Lucia has over 20 years’ experience in this field and in applying this technology to speeches and events.

“Our coaching service helps speakers to feel more secure and confident when giving speeches. We provide them with tools tailored to their speaking style. Our support is designed to enhance their performance, resulting in a smooth, high-impact presentation”. Lucia Arribas.

Are you ready to boost your charisma for your next presentation ?