Prompter solutions in France

Higher a prompter with operator anywhere in France

With over 20 years’ experience in the French market, we are France’s leading prompter rental and sales company. Next-day prompter delivery or set up. Don’t worry about a thing; we can guarantee you a fast delivery service, thanks to a diverse and large amount of prompter devices.

We can provide you a turnkey prompter hire service for the success of your events. We take care of everything: from logistics, delivery and equipment set up, to text formatting and scrolling… In short: everything from A to Z in prompter operational management throughout your event. If necessary, we can even coach speakers to help best prepare them to use the prompter for their speech.

We have depots throughout France in the west in Caen, Paris and in the south in Cannes. We can deliver quickly and efficiently throughout the country and from these cities.

We have extensive experience of working with a wide range of audiences and industries: media, film, advertising, government, major corporations, professional organisations and associations, political leaders, artists and many more. Solutions Prompteur was called to take part in major political and artistic events and mega productions all over the world : COP21, Barack Obama’s speech in France, support for the City of Paris in its bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, supervision of the French Prime Minister’s speeches during the Covid crisis, IMF and World Bank Meetings, to mention a few.

You could say that our 0% margin of error policy is in our DNA and it’s what sets our work apart. Our clients have been working with us since we started out in 2003, and we have built up a strong bond of trust over the years with them.

What are the stages of our prompter service ?

Before the event

  • You tell us the nature of the event and your objectives and we’ll draw up a proposal to help you achieve them.
  • We will send you a quote within 48 hours.
  • Once the quote has been accepted, the prompter responsible for your project will be contacted and booked for the date of your event. At the same time our workshop team will carry out the necessary tests to ensure all the prompter equipment is in perfect working condition and that it is packaged appropriately for transport, by whatever means (plane, car, train, boat, helicopter, camel, you name it!).

During the event

  • The prompter operator will arrive to set up the equipment for the event.
  • The prompter texts in .doc format will have been forwarded to us by the project manager.
  • Once the file is imported into our software, we will begin to format the texts to make them read as smoothly as possible for the speaker.
  • During rehearsals our operator will manually scroll the text in perfect synchronisation and in real time to the speed the speaker delivers his speech.

After the event

  • Once the event is over the equipment is disassembled and taken back to our workshops by our prompter operator.
  • We are particularly vigilant about confidentiality and are extremely careful and discreet with information provided by our clients.
  • We will guarantee all files considered private or confidential are destroyed after use. To add to this security, our computers are never connected to the Internet. We rely on non-connected peripherals to retrieve files without having to connect our prompter PCs to the Internet.