Prompter support during the event

The importance of having a prompter during an event.

When giving a speech or presentation speakers face the challenge of having to convey their messages clearly, accurately and without errors. So as to achieve this, speakers rely on one of the most effective tools: the prompter.

Be warned, however, that the proper use of this equipment requires skill and experience. With this in mind the support of a specialist, an experienced operator, can make all the difference.

Experience and technical knowledge

With over two decades of experience in the prompter rental services sector, we are now the market leaders in France and in Europe. Our reputation is based on our professionalism, as well as the technical and human background of our teams.

All our operators are highly specialised technicians trained at our 0% error School, the only training centre in France and in the world dedicated to training prompter operators.

Our team is multicultural, multilingual and prepared to react quickly in an emergency, as well as being able to anticipate potential problem situations.

Support and peace of mind for the speaker

Having the support of a specialised and experienced prompter operator undoubtedly gives speakers confidence and peace of mind. Knowing that they have a professional who will ensure that the prompter is working properly and running smoothly means that they can concentrate on their presentation and get their message across effectively and with impact.

The operator will follow the speaker closely and be in constant communication with him to ensure that he feels confident. If speakers need to take time out from reading the prompter screen, the operator can temporarily slow down or stop scrolling the text to suit clients’ needs.

Professionalism, adaptability and confidentiality

Each event is unique and requires a personalised approach. The operator works closely with the speaker and the event production team to adapt the prompter to the specific needs of the event.

Our way of working is also distinguished by our commitment to professional ethics. Our operators understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and ensure that the content of speeches is managed securely, avoiding any leakage of sensitive information.

In short, with the support of a specialist and experienced operator, you can be sure that the prompter device will work and that your event will run smoothly, guaranteeing that wow effect for all participants.