Wireless prompter with operator

A prompter with wifi technology ?

What is it and how does it work ?

Unlike conventional prompter devices, which are connected by cable to a monitor, wireless prompter devices use WiFi technology to transmit a video signal between the prompter device and the computer that is controlled by the operator.

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When to use a wireless prompter ?

The wireless prompter is a very popular device because it is a highly innovative option. As it is not connected by any cables this type of system is particularly flexible and portable. What’s more, it’s discreet, ultra-light and perfectly suited to portable devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, etc.

The system is operated entirely by a technician from a control monitor. Our operator sets up the system, generates a secure and protected wifi password and connects to the preferred devices needed to broadcast the text. The wireless device works with professional prompter software and uses a scroller to synchronise the speed of the text in line to the speaker’s rate of speech.

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The wireless prompter allows the speaker (or presenter) to read the text from their script and move around freely as they deliver their speech. All this while maintaining visual contact with their audience and, above all, without fear of losing the thread of their speech.

Another important quality to mention is that this system is perfectly compatible and combinable with any of our prompter systems: camera, speaker or stage. The system is also very quick to assemble and dissassemble, and is easily adapted to a steadicam. The system can be installed and ready for use in just 30 minutes.

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Technical specifications :

  • Video signal: range 70 m* (*depending on conditions)
  • Multi-screen broadcasts: Wifi: range 20m* (*depending on conditions)
  • Screen sizes: 7, 11, 13, 15, 21, 23, 24 and 32 inches.
  • Connections: Wifi.
  • Software : Autocue et Autoscript

Should I choose a wireless prompter for my project ?