What exactly does having a teleprompter bring?2021-11-14T22:29:39+02:00

Security! At a time when communication has become essential in a company in order to strengthen teams and reinforce links, a teleprompteur prompter will ensure that the speaker gets the right message across, at the right timeand in the right way. 

During a camera shoot, the teleprompter will ensure that the same content is on each take, but also will save the speaker time, a lifesaver when days are already quite full!

For a speech in front of an audience, a show, a meeting, etc., the speaker teleprompter (fixed or remote-controlled) or the stage prompter will allow the text to be read in a natural way while at the same time maintaining visual contact with the audience.

How can I find out which teleprompter device is best suited to my event?2021-11-14T22:51:00+02:00

A first contact will be made by email or telephone to find out the details of your event (number of prompter speakers, venue, stenographic aspects, budget allocated, etc.).

With this information in hand, we will be able to advise you on the best teleprompter system for your needs.

How does the service work?2021-11-14T22:31:27+02:00

You don’t have to worry about anything, we take care of all the details, it’s a total turnkey service.

Once the teleprompter device has been chosen, we will collect the information concerning the service: place, date, time, etc.

Then we will put you in touch with the teleprompter operator who will cover your event: s/he will make sure that the equipment works properly and that it corresponds to the specifications. Finally, our operator goes to the event, installs the equipment, prepares the text for the prompter, accompanies the speaker during his/her speech, and then at the end of the speech s/he dismantles and leaves with the equipment.

How much does a teleprompter service cost?2021-11-14T22:39:19+02:00

The price of a service includes many criteria: which device will be used, if its available for the requested dates, the number of operators who will intervene, the location of the service (travel expenses to be expected), how long the event will last etc…
For information about our rates, you can send us a request for a quote here.

We will contact you as soon as possible 😉

Is the teleprompter automatic?2021-11-14T22:32:23+02:00

NO. Qualified operators manage our teleprompters, yes they manually scroll the text, adjusting the speed in real time to the speaker’s speech rate. This is the difference with an automatic application, and it is what guarantees a better flow, more security and a natural result.

We rely heavily on human support, as using this device can be intimidating when the experience is new. We accompany and advise clients throughout the service in order to create a real relationship of trust.


Where is our business based?2021-11-14T22:33:32+02:00

Solutions Prompteur is based in France. Most of our activity takes place in Paris, however, we regularly travel throughout France and internationally, even for last minute requests.
We do our utmost to provide our clients with a real Solution worthy of your expectations. Our key words are
reactivity and flexibility.

How long does it take from request to delivery?2021-11-14T22:40:41+02:00

We can be operational within an hour of the request, depending on the location of the event.

At Solutions Prompteur we have a rule: do our utmost to make ourselves available whatever the request.

Thanks to our own stock of equipment and a team of operators, we are able to ensure the success of your speech, anywhere in the world.
The time between the request and the service can therefore be very short (e.g. the day before for the next day), but this will depend on the logistics of the event.

We would be delighted to take up your challenge with you!

How long has Solutions Prompteur been specializing in teleprompting?2021-11-14T22:42:07+02:00

We are the leaders in teleprompter services in France. Our clients choose us for our reactivity and our adaptability to any situation, whatever the need, whoever the client.

We have been providing services in France and abroad for over 15 years now, with a presence at more than 300 events per year (in 2021).
We often work with event agencies but also for prestigious clients such as the Paris2024 Olympic Games, the United Nations or more recently French governmental events at Matignon for speeches concerning the health situation in France.

Why not take a visit to our social networks to check out our teleprompter gems!

Is the equipment discreet?2021-11-14T22:50:00+02:00

Our equipment is discreet, practical, and aesthetic. Our teams pay great attention to all the details, in particular in making the teleprompter invisible, except for the speaker of course!

Can I hire more than one teleprompter operator for my event?2021-11-14T22:44:06+02:00

Of course, this is strongly recommended!

For example :

  • If there are many speakers using the prompter, it is possible to process a large volume of text so that rehearsals can take place without wasting time.

There needs to be time allocated to prepare a text so that it is readable on the teleprompter, as well as the text changes requested by the client (which we can ensure in real time thanks to the presence of the second operator).

  • In the case of LIVE filming; it is preferable to have a second operator on site to scroll the text on a “Spare” PC for added security.


Can I be sure that the teleprompter operator in charge of my performance is fluent in English?2021-11-14T22:54:36+02:00

We are a multilingual team and we appreciate how much English is widely used today, in fact some of our clients are English speakers. 1 out of 3 services we provide is carried out in English.

To ensure a quality service, our prompter operators are fluent in English (CEFR levels C2 native/bilingual English, C1 advanced, B2 fluent )  and will be able to guide and explain the subtleties of the teleprompter to your clients through English

I want my documents/scripts to be treated with the utmost confidentiality and not be disclosed to a third party, can Solutions Prompteur guarantee this?2021-11-14T22:47:53+02:00

We apply several measures to guarantee confidentiality.

Firstly, our computers are never connected to the internet.

Secondly, we undertake not to divulge any information about the texts that are sent to us.

Finally, once the prompter service has been completed, each operator takes care to delete the text from his or her PC.
This ensures our commitment to confidentiality.

What measures do you take to deal with Covid?2021-11-14T22:34:13+02:00

Naturally, we respect the sanitary protocol in force.

We have reinforced the practices of disinfecting the equipment before and after use. Our teams make sure to respect social distancing, equipped with hydro alcoholic gel and masks.

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