Give another dimension to your communication with Storytelling!

Tuesday 21 June 2022
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Give another dimension to your communication with Storytelling! conference-storytelling-solutions-prompteur-live V.EN

It is believed, according to experts, that storytelling first trickled down from political spheres some years back.

So why do so many brands practise storytelling to get their message across today? Why is storytelling so important ?

Well the answer is simple: it creates emotion

The audience will be much more attentive when listening to a story, packed with memories, the anecdote that they can relate to.

From a technical perspective storytelling easily triggers emotion with an audience, thanks primarily to the story being told.


It is perhaps one of the most important points of this technique and explains why brands use it so much!

When you want to launch a new product and prefer to communicate about what you are offering to customers or embark on advertising a bit differently, you have to think of bringing the product or service to life through the story you tell. What makes it tick, what’s its background.

When a speaker begins to talk about the origins of a project, all the hurdles he encounters, how these challenges were overcome, but also the teamwork involved and getting everything to go smoothly internally, all of this adds to how genuine, real and passionate the communication is and directed to the targeted audience.

Connecting with the audience

So what is the most important thing for a brand today?

 In a world where the audience and consumers are more and more looking to be considered by brands and especially to be “moved” by the brand narrative, the most efficient tool for this has to be storytelling!

 So it’s thanks to the authenticity of the story being told, not so much about the hard product sell or showing its benefits, that you will truly move the audience, deeply touch their emotions and awaken in them things that they don’t get from other brands. Spark a childhood memory, tell a story of a situation that everybody knows well, emphasize a product or service using inspiring words, but above all never push a sale through a classic sales pitch. So this is the perfect recipe for effective storytelling and being able to get as close as possible to the audience.

Getting a message across through storytelling can, most of the time, be a long haul slog as the story needs to be detailed and put in a specific context, where you have to choose the right words, be clear and avoid stammering, etc.

So where does the teleprompter come in all of this?

Imagine having to tell a story about your company or your new product, which you have spent months or even years developing. You want to trigger emotions in the viewer, accompany him and arouse his interest. Using storytelling you don’t want to miss THE important part, fail to emphasize THE most hard-hitting word and of course your story may well be long and you may not know it by heart.

Camera-prompter-camera-solutions-prompteur-storytelling V.EN

This is where the teleprompter comes in!

It is true that storytelling is perfect throughout many scenarios:

To get a message across while looking straight at the camera, as the speaker can look directly at his audience and reach it more easily, but also during live conferences, when he can connect with the audience and therefore trigger emotions there and then.

And with a teleprompter ensuring you never forget a word, it’s in the bag!

As the text is scrolled by a qualified teleprompter operator, who perfectly adapts the scrolling to the speaker’s reading speed from start to finish, the speaker can be guaranteed that no word is forgotten and he can deliver his speech to his audience as naturally, as spontaneously and as carefree as possible.

The audience will be captivated and will remember the key parts of the speech.

Plasma-prompter-stage-solutions-prompteur-live-speech V.EN

Not to mention the non-too least fact that you (or your client) will save time and enjoy the comfort of using a teleprompter.

 What’s more, this technology allows you to read your text perfectly without any hitch, an essential element to tell a quality story during a conference or a corporate video shooting, to name only the most common examples.

So, if you want to offer your clients a professional system that will help them with their public speeches, or if you are a speaker yourself and want to develop your communication with confidence, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs together and the possibilities opened up to you!