IoT in the world of Teleprompting!

Wednesday 06 October 2021
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IoT in the world of Teleprompting!

If there is one thing that we at Solutions Prompteur are getting very adapted to is constant change ; whether it be the changing needs of our clients or the changing demands of what, where and when teleprompter material should be to deliver our services.

This is one of the reasons why this year’s IoT World taking place from October 5th to October 6th in Paris really caught our eye. For those of you unfamiliar with what “Internet of Things” (IoT) really is, well basically it’s all about what connects the physical world with the internet, therefore allowing us to use things remotely and with ease. As we use technical devices to communicate text we are naturally quite curious to know how the ever-developing world of IoT could perhaps leverage our prompter world!

So firstly let’s take a deeper look at what exactly is the Internet of Things in the context of the here and now.

….. We can all testify to the fact that throughout the pandemic there was a rapid need for a solution that would allow a large number of people or groups to connect and work on the same project and to control this flow remotely. So effectively it is a system of interconnected devices that collect data from the nearby environment so as to boost increased reactivity and responsiveness. In other words, it is about extending the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones.

The advantages of IoT

One of the main benefits of the IoT is its capability to monitor already defined preferences.

What is most important to us, our raison d’être, is to facilitate the speaker’s ability to deliver a clear and effective message.
Our objective in the coming months is to succeed in this mission at a distance, regardless what geographical location the speaker is at, thanks to connected tools. With the IoT, its technology and all that it offers, we can now develop these tools that will ensure the success of our mission and the satisfaction of the end customer.

From our point of view, the ability to speed up our operations and harmonise communication internally is very interesting: by using all this data, we can quickly implement multitasking projects and safeguard our processes. Repetitive tasks can therefore be automated, which will surely save us a lot of time.

Let’s still be aware of the downsides

Yes, while having access to much-needed data is beneficial for us to make better informed decisions for our clients.But as custodians of this data, we have taken the lead in securing the data and our business to ensure that breaches are avoided at all costs.

The IoT world expo happening over the next two days brings together 200 leading world players in the fields of Data, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (IA). Conference themes that are sure to create a stir centre on 5G, and asset tracking systems, two conferences that are of particular interest to us for new product development.

A continued Prompter-ready future 

Our visitor participation will go beyond just being curious. We will be especially interested in finding out the feedback of those expert users having tried out new IoT technologies to discover the best practices and, of course, to better understand and prepare ourselves for the changing technological stakes of tomorrow.

Perhaps we’ll bump into one another over at the expo! 😉