It’s showtime again!

Friday 16 July 2021
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It’s showtime again!

The sound of your metal case thumping on the wood-framed stage when you arrive, the pop of the security clasps as they methodically open the square flightcase, the quick inspection of whether you are going to set up at « cours » ou « jar » to be not only at the optimum position to be just at arm’s length of the speakers you are going to work closely with, but also you are discreetly nudged away from public view……

then the careful unpacking of each material from SDI cables, maneuverable tripods and  large mirror screens….

to the joy of introducing yourself to the entire backstage production team, some familiar faces of sound engineers and guys from the lighting team from past and memorable missions.

There is only one thing on our minds at this stage…it’s showtime for the next few days!

Traveling near and far on trains, planes and automobiles for missions, meeting teams, partners, clients, being able to see the audience, we miss all this too.

Remember when we could measure the success of a project we had been working on for several weeks by the roaring applause of the spectators… what a treat, wouldn’t you agree?

We can throwback to large production events like the REF of the REF du MEDEF in Paris, or the COP 25 in Madrid, a logistical feat in itself as an entire 8-pavillion-hall conference had to be transferred from Santiago, Chile to an ad hoc Plan B  diminished plenaries in Madrid, Spain in under 3 weeks!

Events with a lot at stake, stress and a lot of work but above all it’s always so humbling to see the satisfaction on the face of the audience!

On-site  prompting is no stranger for us at Solutions Prompteur, what a privilege it was for us to accompany legendary singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour both in his native Armenia and also during his intervention at the Kremlin in Moscow in front of presidential dignitaries Vladimir Putin and Jacques Chirac to name but a few.

An exclusive concert in the Kremlin’s own theater situated under Putin’s office, where the warmth of his melodies was enough to heat up the hearts of the audience in the freezing -28° winter temperatures.

“Non, cher Monsieur Aznavour, je n’ai rien oublié”.

Another great event for us was our mission to prompt for Barrack Obama during the COP21 in Paris.

Our ability to provide a side-lectern glass pane teleprompteur for the American president, delivering groundbreaking speeches on the environment in front of 130 heads of state, will forever leave us with a lump in our throats.

Good news is on the way!

As the health restrictions are beginning to lift we are seeing the return of face-to-face meetings becoming more of a reality and we can once again look forward to some really great projects!

Teams will be able to work together in a welcome dynamic without constraints, but always respecting the health guidelines. This “return to normal” is very motivating and exciting.

It’s back to the trade shows, to the outdoor public performances, back to the conferences, congresses and meetings, with our team as motivated as ever!

And in true Aznavourian style “Nous nous reverrons un jour ou l’autre”, with bamboo spoons at the ready  😊.

As a member working in the events industry, we’d love to hear your stories of memorable face-to-face events you have had and the ones you are looking forward to carrying out in the near future.