On-Camera Teleprompter

Adapts to any camera device

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The camera system is the ideal tool for your video recordings, shootings, camera interviews, videoconferences.

Why use the on-camera teleprompters?

  • Adapts to any type of camera
  • Quick to set up
  • Identical content takes
  • Saves time for the speaker
  • Flexible: remote prompter goes along with the speaker’s gaze
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The prompter device, equipped with anti-reflective lenses, can be easily installed on a camera stand.

Thanks to an inverted glass system, the text scrolls in front of the camera lens, allowing the speaker to express him- or herself with confidence while looking at the camera.

Users also have the ability to take as many shots as necessary, without having to alter the content.

  1. Text or texts obtained preferably the day before the service in function to the duration of the speech
  2. Arrival at the shooting location
  3. Setting up of the camera teleprompter
  4. Calibration and text modifications if necessary
  5. Rehearsal and shooting

Setting up time: 20 minutes

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