Project managers you have a big important conference event coming down the line but your speakers need help getting across their speech? We hear you at Solutions Prompteur!

Tuesday 26 March 2024
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Project managers you have a big important conference event coming down the line but your speakers need help getting across their speech? We hear you at Solutions Prompteur!

At Solutions Prompteur we fully understand the primordial role Project managers play in acting as a bridge between their clients and the technicians working their magic to ensure the success of your event. 

Go on admit it, here is most likely your everyday during those ever important rehearsals with your client taking to stage to deliver his or her speech…

Setting the scene

The freshly appointed CEO from a prestigious French CAC-40 company leaps onto the plastic-cover protected stage for the first of a series of rehearsals in a backdrop of repetitive echos from a tenacious sound manager testing the intensity of decibels from the régie located some 50 meters north from where the nervous corporate director solely stands.


The soon-to-be public speaker to an enthusiastic and attentive 4200 colleague audience, not to mention a potential 7000 more with valid username and passwords splattered across the four corners of the globe, hopes to capture the hearts and minds of all the eyes and ears listening to him for his inaugural new product launch gathering of the year. 


This is it, this is the size of the event, no more rehearsals from a 12th floor office in the company of colleagues, or speaking out loud at the breakfast table at home, or more usually repeating over and over again how to pronounce “longevity” or “Diluted Earnings per Share” in as best a US accent possible to satisfy the most demanding of the company’s North American partners for one hour and twenty-two minutes, some would say the time it takes to motor from the 8th to the 16th arrondissement!

No, the true size of the event in real terms now means staring out to and connecting with a conference arena stretching almost two acres deep and having no more than a specially-newly branded PVC lectern and some 367 and three quarter flashcards to lean on!

Prompteur Scène écran Solutions Prompteur

Project Manager aka orchestra conductor

“We’re ready when you are”, come the soft words from a comforting Voice of God, otherwise known as the time-conscious and well-experienced event project manager poised with a stopwatch and bucket loads of patience at the foot of the stage (jardin). 

Everything is timed from now on, any delays in rehearsals mean a knock on effect on nerves, caffeine overdoses and endless nibbles of those ubiquitous individually-wrapped Madeleines backstage that anybody would weep for!

Textes Prompteur Solutions Prompteur

Takes 1, 2 and 5 lack life and audibility as the apprehensive speaker’s voice gets absorbed by the thick cardboard flashcards held up non discreetly at arm’s length. Takes 3, 4 and 6 were pretty much down to mindful battles between wavering memorization and having the jitters.

Répétitions face au Prompteur Camera

By the time Take 17 has been cut due to undoubtedly awkward pauses and a necessary diction clarification and needing to replace the just too difficult “Diluted Earning per Share” phrase to an across the board easier abbreviation, the courage from the Project Manager has finally surfaced, and silently supported it has to be said by all the regie, the words are finally expressed:

“Monsieur, have you ever considered using a teleprompter for your long speeches?”

Orateur sur Prompteur Obama Solutions Prompteur

Here’s to the teleprompter!

You see when considering using a teleprompter you could think of the analogy of using a wine decanter. You literally pour all the contents of what you originally have bottled up and effortlessly discharge them into a much bigger space, giving you more time and more room to maneuver, while at the same time never deviating from the essence of what you are about.

So tiny lines of Times New Roman font stretching 15 words per line on flashcards can be quickly replaced by clearer and adjustable Arial font on black screens wherever the speaker happens to be standing on stage. 

That same text can be scrolled to the rhythm of the speech on multiple devices; on multiple screens on the foot of the stage, in front of cameras to the delight and benefit of those password owners logged in at a distance from across the world, or simply have them appear on two glass mirrors placed strategically in front of the speaker’s lectern. Scrolled text formatted and manually controlled by dedicated operators at the other end of the coaxial cable.

Prompteur sans fils avec textes

We’re right behind you

If any of this sounds familiar to you…

… when you’ve had to manage and perfect a conference for your clients, whether they’re speaking to a global audience to promote a flamboyant brand or to a smaller company to get the message across to attract future investment for their projects,

Or speakers who are top managers, financial whizzes, able to analyze business and technology with meticulous precision, but when it comes to addressing a large audience and capturing their attention for an hour and a half, well they just may not be akin to speaking free style like this three times a year.

So let us step in and become the ‘decanter’ they need!

Come and talk to us!

Solutions Prompteur is proud to be present once again at the prestigious Heavent Cannes salon taking place from 26th to the 28th of March.

Salon Heavent Cannes 2023 Solutions Prompteur

Come chat to Lucia and the team about your forthcoming events for 2024 at stand D14, talk to us about your challenges, the logistics needed to render your event a success and experience for yourself the adapted teleprompter, or should we say decanter, devices that could nail it for you on the day!

We can’t promise your wine will turn into a “grand cru” but at least it will be more palatable and you just never know you could also pick up some of our own individually-wrapped Madeleines to make you feel quite at home!

Peter MARTIN, Prompter operator