Changes and adaptations are no strangers to us at Solutions Prompteur and last year has been a true testament to that.

Working in close parallel with our clients and stakeholders brings with it the possibility to create new products, but above all, whatever happens,

Giving top priority to people is our conviction.

Discover our story of how we transformed the challenges we experienced in the Events sector last year to new opportunities we are creating today from the below article published in the well-known Marketing & Communications Stratégies magazine.

For those French-speaking readers you have the original copy below. A summary in English is also included:

Solutions Prompteur dans Stratégies Magazine

Article summary

The Covid crisis has very much impacted the Events sector and all players have had to adapt to the changes of how events are performed through digital means.

Solutions Prompteur has had to confront these changes very rapidly and with open arms. High-profile communications had to continue but the format of delivering speeches moved to streaming and digital events. This brought a new and intensive dynamic to Solutions Prompteur, in the form of product proposals and human resources numbers to cater for increasing client demands.

With the official launch of the company’s wireless teleprompter at the prestigious Heavent exhibition in Cannes in 2020, Solutions Prompteur is continuing its product development based on simplicity and global reach. Founder and Manager Lucia Arribas announced that a new pioneering Solutions Prompteur digital teleprompter, allowing a technician to manually prompt for speakers located across the four corners of the world in real time directly from an office, will be launched by the company this year.

Despite the technical element of teleprompting, it is the person who remains center stage in everything Solutions Prompteur does. This, according to Lucia Arribas, mirrors the credo of the 15 year-old company “the mastery of technology for the benefit of people”. It is people above all who can convert any crisis into opportunities for the benefit of everyone.