Solutions Prompteur, the first teleprompter service to offer a wireless prompter device

Thursday 17 December 2020
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Solutions Prompteur, the first teleprompter service to offer a wireless prompter device 2B24PPN Old TV presenter with tablet.

Are you familiar with the world of events? Do you know that at certain events, the crucial installation phase can take a few weeks to ensure that everything is beautiful and well looked after?

For teleprompter operators, the process usually takes place in 2 stages.

First the teleprompter material needs to be set up, monitors, electricity connections, height adjustments etc…

But it is important to know that in addition to the time spent installing the needed system, the operator must also manage the dilemma of organising the cables: where to run them? Are they already set up? What length is required? Or how to bring them from the stage to the production room?  

Once the installation has been approved, it’s time for rehearsals to take place with the teleoperator(s).

Sometimes, however, the speaker may ask for a little more flexibility to move around the stage while following the text. Until now, there has been no other solution than the static position of using say plasma screens or teleprompters at a speaker’s lectern.

So a solution had to be found, and quickly!

Today, the wait is over. 

At Solutions Prompteur, we are proud to have invested over the past year to test and approve our wireless prompter device fully adapted to mobility needs.

Designed to give speakers the mobility they require, it has the practicality and reliability essential for live presentations, virtual events, conferences with large or small audiences, while always respecting the current social distancing guidelines.

So how do our wireless teleprompters work?

Prompter PCs and text broadcasting media are connected by a private and secure wireless WiFi connection. The main computer from which the text is broadcast is manually controlled by a teleprompter operator and the speaker(s) are able to follow the text scrolling on an Android mobile, tablet, iPhone or iPad or any device, equipped with a Wi-Fi receiver.

We tested our wireless system not just for a week… but for a whole year and in a variety of situations.

From television sets to the offices of senior civil servants, from conference rooms to theatre auditoriums, all over France and abroad!

Solutions Prompteur - Prompteur circuit prompteur sans fil

We are more than satisfied with the results, just like our clients. The positive feedback we have received is testimony to our unrivaled discretion and reflects complete freedom of movement. 

With the ability to broadcast the teleprompter on as many devices as desired, production teams and backstage crews now benefit from the ability to stay on top of the text in real time, all wirelessly.

For more information on our wireless teleprompter solutions, please click here: Our Wireless Teleprompter.

Solutions Prompteur - Prompteur circuit prompteur sans fil