Speech Teleprompter

The “Obama” speech system with remote-controlled glass panels

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The so-called “Obama” system makes it possible to keep the speaker’s eyes focused on his/her audience while the text scrolls in front of the speaker’s eyes, at a speed that is constantly adapted to the speed of speech. The speaker’s gaze remains high and straight.

Why use a speech teleprompter?

  • The speaker’s gaze can cover the room from right to left and from left to right throughout the entire speech.
  • Ease of reading in complete discretion.
  • VIP Power effect: a rare remote control system used by well-known speakers.
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To set up and be familiar with the speech teleprompter and make the speaker feel at ease.

Speaker Coaching

The speaker delivers his/her speech, assisted by a system with remote-controlled glass panels, which are positioned on each side of the desk and adjusted to the height of the speaker’s gaze.

Using a remote control we can remotely adjust the height of the glass panels to adapt the system to the height of each speaker, or even ‘make the prompter disappear’ from the view.

The text scrolls smoothly and in total harmony with the speaker’s speech rate and pause times.

Text scrolling is not automatic, it is managed and adapted at any time by our prompter operator. The speaker can refer to it at any time in complete confidence to give a sense of security during his/her speech.

  1. Arrival to the speech venue and delivering of brief
  2. Setting up of device on stage or by desk side
  3. Setting up of control managment tools
  4. Testing and text calibration

Setting up time: 1.5 hours

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