Stage Teleprompter via Plasma screens

The ultimate mobility teleprompter

Why use a stage teleprompter?

  • Quick to install
  • Adapts to any stage in any venue
  • Many distribution media platforms possible
  • Allows the speaker or artist to move around while speaking
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 Coaching service for stage teleprompter subtleties and master the speech before the event.

Speaker Coaching

 Concert :

The teleprompter plasma scrren system is an efficient aid and point throughout the duration of a concert.

It is discreet as one to three screens may be placed on stage for the ease of the artist.

The text scrolls smoothly and in total harmony with the music.

The artist can refer to it at any time or at any new song with complete confidence.

Congresses, conventions, press conferences:

The delivery on plasma screens has several advantages.


It is discreet as the screens can be placed on stage to accompany the speaker when he/she is moving.

The text scrolling is not automatic, it is managed and adapted at any time by our operator.


The speaker can refer to it at any time in complete confidence to give a sense of security during his/her speech.

  1. Recovery and calibration of the text before the event according to the duration of the speeches (at least 48 hours before)
  2. Arrival at the event venue and brief
  3. Full set up in the production room and connection to the broadcast system
  4. Text calibration
  5. Scale and final adjustments
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