Wireless teleprompter

The most discreet teleprompter

The wireless system gives the user the opportunity to freely and discreetly move around using devices such as an iPhone, an iPad, or a tablet. The teleprompter system gives the orator greater mobility and ease-of-use, while at the same time maintaining total discretion.

It may be partnered with professional teleprompter software with functionalities to coordinate the scrolling text speed and adapts to the speaker’s voice.

Why use a wireless device?

  • For simultaneous teleprompter broadcasting to an unlimited number of supports
  • Compatible with all types of teleprompter device (camera, stage, speaker)
  • It is lightweight and is compatible to install on STEADICAM
  • Accompanied by a professional teleprompter software managed by an operator and not an application
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Our teleprompter operator sets up the device and then generates a secure and protected Wi-Fi password to connect to all the other needed teleprompter devices.

Our wireless system is ideal for any type of room, large or small.

It can be coupled with other devices, some may be wired connected, and with the guarantee of maximum security.

The scrolling text is manually managed and adapted at any time by our teleprompting operator from his/her master control monitor. This allows text to be modified directly from the software, the changing of text colors and the adapting of the speed the scrolling text in real time.

  1. Arrival to the venue
  2. Installation of the wireless teleprompter
  3. Synchronization with the rest of material from the production team
  4. Uploading and modification of text if necessary
  5. Rehearsals and final adjustments

Set up time : 1.5 hours

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