Constant and Concise Communication during lockdowns

Tuesday 24 November 2020
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Constant and Concise Communication during lockdowns

You have no doubt been in the situation of having to rethink, yes one more time we know, how to reorganise your staff and teams to keep them safe in the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, while at the same time continuing to run your business; be it big or small.

If you are based in Europe, the current priority is to keep as many businesses open as possible, but to prioritize remote working where possible to limit movements and physical contact.

Not as easy as it seems, especially if your teams are used to working in close physical spaces to create, manufacture, test or basically get projects done. Companies, regardless of their size, face the same remote working challenges. One of the key dilemmas faced by managers and team leads is to come up with a way to continue to communicate to staff or indeed any other stakeholder, in a clear and concise manner, at a time when their teams may be dispatched to home working or to safer on-site business premises.

Yes, mass emailing is a solution to get a message across, although it lacks the personal and humane approach that personnel longs for in this socially-distanced period. Not to mention the fact that adding to yet another email in a daily inbox could well finish by getting read days after it is received, due to the simply high volume of emails we receive at work. This is not great in assuring that a message from management is received promptly and timely to its employee audience.

So what concise communication alternatives are there for managers in socially-distance periods?

Video conferencing, of course. 

In the age of lockdowns and having solid and reliable broadband, managers can avail of cloud-based virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and Teams to name a couple to continue to keep up to date with workers. Perfect for daily or frequent meetings, but for carefully scripted communiqués that require an entire staff much bigger than a capacity of an average-sized meeting room to see and listen to their company superiors, we’re not so sure.

All is not lost, however.

Small video production teams can still physically come to your office or business premises to set up a camera for a small video shooting! We are not all born perfect orators and so may need to rely on a text to make sure we won’t forget that important line or emphasize the tone of voice of a sentence or two.

So as to ensure the right words are said at the right time the manager or orator can be prompted and even coached to deliver that concise message.

Enter… into the Solutions Prompteur universe!

So in essence how does all this work?

One of our experienced teleprompter operators will accompany the video production team, in total the team comprises no more than four people each working in an environment respecting the current health and safety and social distancing protocols.

Our teleprompter operator will mount an especially-adapted teleprompter monitor and mirror on a tripod stand in front of the camera in no time. The on-camera teleprompter is linked by cable to the master prompter computer’s professional licensed teleprompter software. Just like with all Solution Prompteur’s teleprompter devices, the scrolling of the text is always manually controlled by the operator. This ensures that the correct speed of speech, pause times and of course the stress on words are all respected.

The above set up is both ideal for live and recorded shootings.   

Once the shoot has terminated and the video has been edited, it can be speedily uploaded to the company’s website, intranet or other platform for planned distribution to remote teams, much better than just another email to your colleagues to clog up already busy inboxes 😉

We can guarantee a clear and concise dynamic visual communication to your geographically-spread out colleagues, but alas cannot guarantee that your team will view the final video in pajamas, who knows we may soon have a solution for that too; we also offer a “remote prompter” solution that of course respects social distancing and hey may well allow you to keep those pajamas you so dearly love right now 😉

Interested in finding out more about an on-camera teleprompter solution?